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Welcome to Chase Hunt, we offer expert advice, guidance and assistance in all areas of Human Resources to assist your business:

  • Ensure compliance with workplace regulations and resolve employment issues
  • Engage, empower and optimise your Human Resources to achieve results
  • Align your business purpose with processes, people and their performance

The Chase Hunt model will add value to your business by:

  • Mitigating the risks associated with employing people and regulatory compliance
  • Multiplying your results through appropriately selected and tasked resources
  • Empowering your people to take ownership of business outcomes
  • Reducing the dependence on you, enabling you to work on the business (instead of in it)

We cover the full spectrum of Human Resources, our services are offered based on the level of engagement that your business requires and we tailor our services to meet your needs and objectives. Our services are built for small businesses, our packages are affordable and we invoice on a fixed annual or monthly basis.

Just for being Migration Alliance Members, Chase Hunt is offering access to our HR SUPPORT services for a substantially reduced annual fee.


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In appreciation of our partnership with Migration Alliance, Chase Hunt is offering Migration Alliance Members support with:

  • Workplace Relations & Performance Management Advice
  • Workplace Health & Safety and Workers Compensation advice
  • Phone and Email Support in Business Hours
  • Standard HR Policy and Procedure Templates
  • Simple Annual Subscription at a Significantly Reduced Fee

HR Support will assist Migration Alliance Members achieve workplace:

  • Compliance – With employment laws, rules and obligations
  • Performance – Effectively manage the conduct and performance of employees
  • Harmony – Resolve workplace issues and conflicts
  • Safety – Enhance the safety of employees and return to work outcomes

As an exclusive offer, Chase Hunt will deliver the value outlined above for only: 

1 to 4 employees - $1,000 (plus GST)

5 to 9 employees - $2,000 (plus GST)

10 to 14 employees - $3,000 (plus GST)

15+ employees - contact us for quotation of fees

This represents a savings of $500 on for every Migration Alliance Member, just for being a member.

To take advantage of this special offer, don't wait, complete and submit the form.



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